Nepal Loadshedding Schedule [Android App]

Nepal is known as one of the richest country in water resources but also we face Load Shedding which actually means power cut. I know many users reading this post are also fed up of this silly Load Shedding. There is a famous proverb which states that "If Opportunities do not knock then we got to build a Door" So following the same proverb some Nepali Developers have found a new opportunity for them building "Nepal Load Shedding Schedule" Application.

This handy application gives privileges to the user with the following service of theirs:
  • Easily Load New Schedule
  • View Save Schedule Offline
  • Feature to Send S.M.S Schedule to any group to any number of Nepal
  • Search Group By Location Name
  • View Remaining Time Countdown
  • Get Notifications Via Sound/LED/Vibration
  • Set Schedule Time Format (i.e. 12 hour Clock and 24 Hour Clock)
  • View in Nepal Time Zone from any where around the world

The Schedule is loaded directly from NEA's (Nepal Electricity Authority's) website. This handy application allows you to access Flash Light directly from its own application that means a memory storage because you don't need to Download another application just for flashlight. Users have rated it 4.7 (average) star in the Play Store. My Recommendation ? This is the Best Application for all the Nepali Users!

Want to Download ? Go ahead : Nepal Load Shedding Schedule 

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Nepal Loadshedding Schedule [Android App] Bishnu Subedi Rating: 5 Sunday, March 3, 2013


  1. Thanks for information...and here me is also very sad and i cannot complete each and every task in time due to Shedding Schedule ..

    1. Everyone is facing the same problem dude, chill :) Jay Loadshedding :)

  2. दामी छ यार बिष्णु ब्रो को ब्लग :D